Phil’s Bio

"Success doesn't just happen... It's learned." -John Maxwell
“Success doesn’t just happen… It’s learned.” -John Maxwell

I have personally and professionally elevated myself from failure to success in every way. Beginning at 24 years old, and with no formal education, I had to learn everything from the ground-up. When I began my career, I started at the bottom of a family-owned steel business and worked my way up to America’s largest corporate Steel company. Through proven and consistent techniques, I have exceeded every goal and crushed every limitation. I have serviced the most challenging market in the world –the NYC/NJ steel and construction sector as a Sales Manager, and I have succeeded in leading myself and my teammates. I led by example and influence, guiding each of my companies to the highest level of service, trust and value. Without any formal training, I was able to sell millions of dollars worth of steel and accessories each year in the most difficult market conditions.

I have wholeheartedly committed my life to personal growth – exceeding expectations for more than a decade. I have achieved more, believed more, and grown more through my daily habits than most of my closest friends who went to some of the finest universities. My regular habits involve reading a book a week, listening to audio books daily while driving, and relentlessly pursuing growth opportunities – such as public speaking, attending High Level Toastmaster Contests, facilitating Dale Carnegie seminars, workshops. I work on my health and fitness goals daily, which gives me a relentless desire to never stop learning, growing and failing. This personal and professional drive is what helps me stand out from my competition. I have worked very hard to become a great leader, teammate, business owner, servicer, salesman, motivator, speaker, author and coach. I practice these skills daily and grow more every day.

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